our story

our story

We are here to incorporate wellbeing and sustainability into your routine.

We believe wellbeing and sustainability are interdependent. That means we are only healthy when the planet is healthy.

This is why we want to transform your routine - so you can reduce, day by day, your environmental impact. And we're starting with your feet.

Our founder, Isabela, was already aware of the negative impacts of the fashion industry on labour relations and on our ecosystem.

This fact, combined with a medical condition called ligamentous laxity - which requires the use of specific footwear with curves to support the feet - inspired her to create an extremely comfortable pair of sandals, that can be used at any time, and is made with the lowest environmental footprint possible.

In just over 6 months, with the help of insole specialists, orthopedists, material engineers and designers, Linus was created.

Our sandals are made in Brazil, with the most sustainable materials that our country has to offer.

Our design is minimalist and timeless, so you can enjoy your sandals for a long time!

Our material is completely free of heavy metals and phthalates, and our plasticizers are all of vegetable origin, so that you have the most comfortable walk possible, without compromising the path of those who are yet to come.



How we implement sustainable processes, from production to shipping.

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